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Hey frustrated Creatives! I’m talking to you…

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How many times have you been in a creative hole? Once a month? Daily? For the last 5 months? 5 years? I know the feeling... You are a dear, creative heart who lives for the highs of creating special pieces who then has to deal with the gut-wrenching, life-sucking vacuum of NO-thing being created either for a little while straight after experiencing the high, or for what feels like a drought that has not ended. Fine. I've described your worst nightmare to admit about yourself, what do I propose you do about it? First and[...]
claire gunn find my purpose

How do i find my purpose?

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This question is the same as 'what is the meaning of life?' I have found that the human brain needs this question answered. We need a purpose or a meaning. The brain needs to operate from a core out into the world. It needs this as a biological motivator behind every action, besides survival. What I have found is that I have answered this question of purpose for myself and others many times, because it changes. The point is that we do function better when we have a purpose, or a direction. And without knowing what the meani[...]
Wolfgat Claire gunn


In January 2018 I was full of inspiration to find out about ideas and actions that were different in the food world. I craved a story with a deep respect for the env[...]

Schoon bakery

Posted In: DESTINATIONS | Food
Our favourite Cape Town bakery, Schoon, has relocated and opened up a little shop in Somerset West. When I visited, it was clear that they already have a loyal local[...]
Boschendal by Claire Gunn


Posted In: DESTINATIONS | Food origins
I recently had the excellent fortune of shooting for one of our oldest Cape Dutch homestead farms, Boschendal. I had asked the universe to lead me to a property tha[...]
Claire Gunn 2017 Fire

Photographing fire

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I spent all of my twenties in a kitchen. When one chooses the life of a chef, you don't have a pencil holder on your desk, you have stifling heat, fire, burns and si[...]
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