Beetroot and ginger jook with peas and basil

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I’ve recently been on a rice porridge mission. Congee is an ancient food with an expansive history. All variations are rice and water porridges eaten in many Asian countries as a breakfast, lunch or dinner staple. It is also served to those who are ill as well as to babies and the elderly because it is healing, easy to digest and full of energy. Rice is treated as a precious healing staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine as its digestion is neutral and promotes the upward flow of the chi (energy) in the body. Typic[...]
Wolfgat Claire gunn


In January 2018 I was full of inspiration to find out about ideas and actions that were different in the food world. I craved a story with a deep respect for the env[...]

Schoon bakery

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Our favourite Cape Town bakery, Schoon, has relocated and opened up a little shop in Somerset West. When I visited, it was clear that they already have a loyal local[...]
Boschendal by Claire Gunn


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I recently had the excellent fortune of shooting for one of our oldest Cape Dutch homestead farms, Boschendal. I had asked the universe to lead me to a property tha[...]
Claire Gunn 2017 Fire

Photographing fire

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I spent all of my twenties in a kitchen. When one chooses the life of a chef, you don't have a pencil holder on your desk, you have stifling heat, fire, burns and si[...]
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