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Wolfgat Claire gunn


In January 2018 I was full of inspiration to find out about ideas and actions that were different in the food world. I craved a story with a deep respect for the environment before anything else. I had heard about Wolfgat and the foragin[...]
Janse&co Jan2018 Claire Gunn

Janse & co

Going to a good restaurant these days  is essentially dinner and a show. Open-plan kitchens and a new found fascination for the Way of the Chef has become as interesting, and now available to everyone as it has been to me my whole working[...]
Claire Gunn Italy 2017 Assisi (68)

Assisi, Umbria

Assisi is a quintessential Italian hilltop town worth visiting. However, it is also one of the most visited towns, so it can be very busy and crowded during the day. It is not considered to be off the beaten track and is generally set up fo[...]
Spek and Bone by Claire Gunn

Spek & Bone

If I think of a South African chef who celebrates his Afrikaans heritage in cooking, it's Bertus Basson. Drawing on all the home cooked, traditional food from his mother, aunts and general Afrikaans upbringing, you can experience nostalgia[...]
Margot Janse The Tasting Room Claire Gunn

The Last Supper with Margot Janse

One of the best places I ever worked was at The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais, Franschhoek. The legendary Dutch-born chef Margot Janse was the executive chef and my Head chef was Chris Erasmus. This might have been the best team I[...]
Margot Janse The Tasting Room Claire Gunn
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