Chocolate hazelnut and naartjie smoothie by claire gunn 2

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Naartjie Smoothie

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  Chocolate for breakfast anyone? Yes please. Hazelnuts are the perfect companion to chocolate and so is orange. Here I used naartjies (satsumas) for my chocolate smoothie which I picked up from the Saturday morning Oranjezicht City Farm Market and I was just burning to find a way to use them with chocolate. Beyond just feeding myself with mor[...]
Rome architecture Claire Gunn

Monochrome Rome

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The beauty of the symmetry and embellishments on Roman architecture is a continual romantic inspiration for me.  The eternal city is a living museum of the times when aesthetic pleasure was highly prized, and this is clearly evident in all architecture, public fountains and city planning. When I walked the streets of Rome stopping to marvel at so much be[...]
Janse&co Jan2018 Claire Gunn

Janse & co

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Going to a good restaurant these days  is essentially dinner and a show. Open-plan kitchens and a new found fascination for the Way of the Chef has become as interesting, and now available to everyone as it has been to me my whole working life. Even though I changed careers from working in the kitchen to photographing it,  the underlying passion - watching[...]
Creamy berry and banana bowl claire gunn

Creamy berry and banana smoothie bowl

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This still life is a tribute to the pure joy of self expression. Don't be afraid just to explore and push over the edges. Try new things and humour ideas that pop into your head.  No matter how odd they may seem at first, just try them out. Perhaps it's so bad that you cross into a new genre of avante garde you didn't know you liked, or at least you have[...]

Play with your food

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    I dreamt about this blackberry yin yang smoothie bowl… I had it sitting in my list of ‘foods to make’ for over a week before all the conditions came together and I could spend some time on a blissful morning to search for flowers on my walk about the Company Gardens in Cape Town. I was most consumed with the bliss of freedom I ha[...]
Claire Gunn

Introduction to Food Photography

I am going to share one of my passions with you today: food photography. I started photographing 7 years ago after changing industries from being a full-time chef to a full-time portrait photographer. I started with weddings and conceptual portraiture, then moved back to my original love - food. This was 3 years ago. Now I shoot Cape Town's most exciting[...]
Makaron Majeka claire Gunn Lukas Carstens

A Creative Sweet Spot at Majeka House

Every now and then we can experience a sweet spot: a perfect combination of factors that makes our experience sublime. For me as a professional food photographer, the freedom given to me by a client is vital. In addition, to that, it is paramount to me that I am photographing food that is ethical, healthy, mindfully crafted and just plain beautiful. This is[...]


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A toast! To the marriage of chocolate and nuts… A decadent lazy weekend breakfast! I smeared this nutty goodness on some wholewheat toast from my local, The Olive Branch Deli. Its also perfect for rolling into very squishy truffles once chilled or adding to nice cream. CHOCOLATE PECAN HAZELNUT BUTTER 1 cup raw hazelnuts 1 cup raw pecan nut[...]
Boschendal by Claire Gunn

Foraging with Chef Christiaan Campbell at Boschendal

At the beginning of Spring, I had the fantastic opportunity to photograph Chef Christiaan Campbell and his sensational creations at Boschendal outside Franschhoek. One of the absolute highlights was joining him and his team to forage for mushrooms and greens for one of his dishes. This was veld to fork indeed, as we rummaged around on the property's extensiv[...]
Assisi Italy Claire Gunn

Assisi Through the Lensbaby

In the picture-perfect hilltop village of Assisi in Italy, there are scores of vantage points for magnificent photography. I was particularly interested in the tuille rooftops and how they looked at dawn and sunset. We stayed in a hotel with a tower and outlook point that made this type of photography easily accessible. The view of the whole valley is in[...]
Radish and turnip chips by claire gunn3


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This week at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, I snapped up some beautiful turnips and HUGE radishes for a purple vegetable shoot. There were so many veggies with deep purple tones, I just couldn't resist. As you might know, those purple skins are packed with antioxidants and flavonoids, so eating more purple fruit and vegetables is a wise investment in your[...]
Claire Gunn Italy 2017 Assisi (68)

Assisi, Umbria

Assisi is a quintessential Italian hilltop town worth visiting. However, it is also one of the most visited towns, so it can be very busy and crowded during the day. It is not considered to be off the beaten track and is generally set up for day trippers who keep the town going. It is all so beautiful: stone and terracotta, steep hills and potted window b[...]
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