How I choose subjects for my art

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I am often asked where I get my inspiration from or why I choose to create what I do. It's not quite straightforward as I create for many different reasons with many mediums, and each of those with their different reasons for exploration. Inspiration is everywhere and limitless. Life inspires me, the miracle of living and my personal choices within it ins[...]

A night at the Pot Luck pass

I recently photographed a travel guide for design-minded travellers, edition Cape Town. I was asked to photograph a dish, a portrait of the head chef Freddie Dias and an interior or two. The Pot Luck Club was on that list of must-see places of course, but just capturing the required images would have been a colossal waste of fortuitous circumstances. I often[...]
Blueberry and lime cheesecake by claire gunn


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I was craving a big wodge of tangy, creamy cheesecake. Also, as usual I had a craving to make pretty pictures of sweet, colourful foods with flowers. This recipe is quite easy if you have a food processor and a desire for healthy food making. The essential two ingredients are soaked cashew nuts and blueberries – fresh or frozen is all good. If you wish, yo[...]

Eike by Bertus Basson

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  The unstoppable empire that is Bertus Basson opened a new restaurant, Eike, in the heart of historic Stellenbosch town last week. The cosy, pretty dining room offers an intimate atmosphere. The menu is a celebration of what's good right now seasonally in South African ingredients while drawing on nostalgia, all re-interpreted by Bertus' outlook[...]
Claire Gunn Raspberry bowl

Why it’s important to experiment and make bad art

When I have been photographing lots of clean images for clients, I find I need a change from the predictable and what is necessary commercially. That's when I break out my most extreme elements of the art creation process: trick lenses, rare foods, bright colours or patterns and far-out editing and styling. Why? Because if I don't move through the world,[...]
Claire Gunn

Finding your artistic style

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I have asked myself this question so many times: "What is my style?" People often remark that they can tell if a photograph is mine, because they recognize my style. What style? What do they recognize?     If I describe my style, I say it is dreamy, attentive and impressionistic. I achieve this by choosing certain equipmen[...]

Dealing with criticism

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I was recently asked to write an article for one of my favourite magazines. I would be photographing the restaurants the article featured as well. Now, as I'm  sure you can understand, this was beyond daunting. Exciting, but scary. The first things that go through my basic human mind when asked to do something new or out of my comfort zone is... "What[...]
Claire Gunn

Getting over creatives’ block and depression

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This is not a cheery subject to approach as it causes so much turmoil in the mind and heart of creatives, but I promise you, this post has a happy ending... I have only been painting for about a year or so, but I am quite familiar with the tortured artist scenario. We question ourselves so much when we should really just be painting, or drawin[...]
Urbanologi Claire Gunn

A day in the life at Urbanologi

A trip to Jozi to spend a day in three different kitchens led me to Urbanologi at last. I was writing and photographing for an article about Jozi staff meals and after I had thoroughly  intruded on what is usually a peaceful staff chow, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of staying to experience the night service. A coffee and chat with head chef Jack Co[...]
Chocolate hazelnut and naartjie smoothie by claire gunn 2

Chocolate, Hazelnut and Naartjie Smoothie

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  Chocolate for breakfast anyone? Yes please. Hazelnuts are the perfect companion to chocolate and so is orange. Here I used naartjies (satsumas) for my chocolate smoothie which I picked up from the Saturday morning Oranjezicht City Farm Market and I was just burning to find a way to use them with chocolate. Beyond just feeding myself with mor[...]
Rome architecture Claire Gunn

Monochrome Rome

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The beauty of the symmetry and embellishments on Roman architecture is a continual romantic inspiration for me.  The eternal city is a living museum of the times when aesthetic pleasure was highly prized, and this is clearly evident in all architecture, public fountains and city planning. When I walked the streets of Rome stopping to marvel at so much be[...]
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