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As a food photographer:

I have been in the hospitality industry as chef mostly for 12+ years starting from a pot washer in the UK to Head Pastry chef at Le Quartier Francais to private chef and then moving into food photography, moving in between in a hotel career from housekeeping to management. I also gained experience in health, nutrition and food retail,  procurement, kitchen and menu design, training, merchandising and human resources. I feel this gives me a unique perspective in photographing for restaurants and hotels because I know and love the theatre of food and the art of hospitality.

I’d like to say I understand how a kitchen works and I know and love chef culture. I love to photograph inside the kitchen to show the world what goes on behind the scenes to create the magic on the plates and the synchronistic dance of front of house service.

I aim to capture real life, motion, documentary and food in situ as culinary art from the passionate chefs  I photograph.

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa and also travel for photographic assignment, especially if it involves delicious, quality food with an uplifitng story. My work has been published online, in print media as well as in cookbooks here and internationally.

My motivation is to share the experiences of the joy of food and its goodness for us as well as the exciting theatre of kitchen life, chefs at work, and food culture that I have experienced – real life story telling of food journeys highlighting ethical practices and passionate people.

I seek out farmers, producers and suppliers of the food trade who apply mindful and ethical methods and preparations.

Do you use organic, local, biodiverse, ethically sourced foods, have a green cause or forage sustainably and want to have me in your kitchen for a day?  I’d love to tell your story…

As an artist:

I find myself to be interested in visual story telling. My motivations come from curiosity about the unknown and the mysteries of life. I aim to explore the more abstract parts of the human experience, even if it means trying to understand why we are attracted to beauty in a spoon. I paint what delights me about food, landscapes that speak peace to my heart, cityscapes of romantic places I’ve travelled to and that invigorate me to keep finding a way to explore the world, and portraits of the feminine face which are all aspects of me, how I express my emotional state whatever it may be.


All my art works will be available for sale soon on my online shop…

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