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Our favourite Cape Town bakery, Schoon, has relocated and opened up a little shop in Somerset West. When I visited, it was clear that they already have a loyal local patronage and a warm, authentic feeling is in this very pretty space.

Coffee is strong, bread is sour and dark, and the pastries are light and nibbly. Perfection and integrity as usual. The core of their business is ethically driven by their choice of ingredients and practices, and this genuine care comes through in the craft of artisanal, schoon food.

They have now opened their Manufactory in Bird Street, Stellenbosch with a cafe as well as a view right into the mesmerizing process of all their bread baking. Soft pillows of dough are lumped around on the huge wooden work surfaces and soft thumps of kneading hands and light poofs of flour dance around your view while you sip on excellent coffees and  enjoy simple, elegant and generous dishes. This is a destination worth supporting for many different reasons.

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Schoon is also now open in Franschhoek!




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