A night at the Pot Luck pass

I recently photographed a travel guide for design-minded travellers, edition Cape Town. I was asked to photograph a dish, a portrait of the head chef Freddie Dias and an interior or two. The Pot Luck Club was on that list of must-see places of course, but just capturing the required images would have been a colossal waste of fortuitous circumstances. I often just hang out at the pass and watch the theatre unfold. I feel mostly like a staff member as it was many years ago, but now I just observe as I don’t need to handle the responsibility of the race against time to maintain perfect temperatures and textures. And really it is a race, a mission, a quest, a saving if you will. Every night kitchen teams fight their best fight to stay above the water to keep the dishes coming  in symphonic order. It is a skill necessary for glory in the foodie world. Knowing how to cook a steak is not even close to being enough to become a great chef. Orchestration of every aspect, staff, ingredient and equipment all being held together is a phenomenal rush. Watch it unfold here…



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