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I dreamt about this blackberry yin yang smoothie bowl… I had it sitting in my list of ‘foods to make’ for over a week before all the conditions came together and I could spend some time on a blissful morning to search for flowers on my walk about the Company Gardens in Cape Town.

I was most consumed with the bliss of freedom I had given myself through this little playtime sojourn I was allowing. I wanted to just have fun and play with my food and this way-out idea of making my food into a yin yang. I love it! It was exactly expressing how I was feeling – balanced and in harmony with my life.

I had the most blissful time creating this because I just wanted to be child-like and use my imagination to play. I thought the idea was cute and I loved that it came to me in my dream space. I have a very vivid dream life and I have been to many realms and dimensions and seen things I may never be able to express in my lifetime. I have had problems solved and mysteries revealed to me through dreams, so when a smoothie bowl representing balance comes up in a dream, I take notice. I feel that this image embodies the balance I feel when I am using mindful ingredients to create mindful food. This image represents so much more to me than my vibrantly delicious breakfast. It is a symbol, a culinary objet d’art, a self portrait and a snapshot of my mind. A mandala and dedication of gratitude to the life I have and the co creation within it with the All and everyone who is also part of that. It represents my greatest challenge which is to create balance in my life and my greatest pleasure achieved when I finally learn how to do that.

I re-visited this recipe as I had taken this photo two years ago and had a sudden desire to go back and look over where I’ve come from. This image represents a belief in my unique voice too now. A small struggle ensued around this image and I learnt a huge lesson from it. I allowed my voice to be silenced and I suffered because of it. I am grateful I had the opportunity to grow through that. In order to honour that original idea of expressing my unique voice, I painted the image recently, almost cementing my self-belief and honouring the inspiration I was originally given to create this image. How could I ever doubt that voice? It made me sad that I had done that to myself but that drove the point home even more.

Honour yourself and your unique voice and don’t let others peoples’ opinions influence you.

Instead trust in the co-creation between you and the universal energy that joins you at the easel.

Currently I am experiencing a grand shift towards a better balance in my life and I am invigorated by it. I am so grateful for the life I have.

Now on to the food!

My go-to on velvety smoothie bowls is the cashew nut custard base, anything on top of that is a vitamin bonus. Purple was the darkest smoothie I wanted to make so I used blackberries and acai.

Cashew nuts are so creamy and rich and a very unique flavour as far as nuts go (even though they are technically not a nut, but more of a seed that grows outside its cashew fruit). Once they have been soaked for a few hours in water, they plump up and blend into a thick and smooth custard-like liquid. You can also boil them for 10 minutes then cool before adding to your blender. You can sweeten this mix by adding dates, maple syrup or bananas and vanilla and then add whatever fruit you like to make it something new. I always had a superfood to mine as well…


Cashews are rich in protein, iron, magnesium, vitamin K and zinc and contain appreciable amounts of potassium and folate.

They are good for blood health, gut health and eye health.

They have so many uses in vegan cooking and baking and can be sweet or savoury taking on any flavour and adding a creamy undertone wherever it goes.

Cashew nut mylk is gentle in flavour and a good replacement closest to dairy milk if you are heading in that direction.

You can also make cheese and yoghurt from cashew, ice cream, mousse and custard. Soaking and blending them creates a blank canvas of thick custardy creamy pleasure that you can add just about any flavour to.


Makes 2

2 cups cashews, soaked for 4 hours or boiled for 10 minutes
1 cup milk alternative (eg. almond or coconut)
2 bananas
1 tsp natural vanilla extract
1 scoop mesquite or maca (optional / use your favourite superfood / protein and vitamin powder mix – I’ve been using Apu Life for a few years)
3 soft dates
1 cup blackberries (variation – use any berry you like – I add a few raspberries to this recipe sometimes)
1 scoop spirulina powder
1 scoop raw cacao
1 scoop acai berry powder or 1/2 cup acai berries (you can also add blackcurrants to make your smoothie bowl deeper in colour and flavour)
In a high speed blender add the cashews (drained and rinsed), milk, bananas, vanilla, superfood powder, and 1 date and blend on high until very smooth.

Reserve half of the mix, then add the berries, spirulina, cacao and 2 dates to the remaining mix in the blender and whizz again til smooth.

You can add more dates to the berry mix if you prefer more sweetness.


Most important is that you play with your food and celebrate it!

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