Claire Gunn Marsala peaches in Italy 2017

Marsala-soaked peaches with vanilla yoghurt and blueberries

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We find our inspiration wherever we are in the world or in the mind.

I was inspired to try two new styles of painting from one subject: the charismatic Italian doughnut peach.

Plump and rosy, swirly with hues of deep red and corals, squashed – one of my favourite words.

Using watercolour to swish around the different warm tones is a painting dream. Pair this with my favourite colour, Indigo, and it’s too delicious for me to not love it.

Wedges of ripe and juicy doughnut peaches splashed with Marsala wine, served with dollops of sweet, vanillary, full cream yoghurt and blueberries. We ate this breakfast often when we were in Italy. Sometimes we also added banana.

This was First breakfast.

We would then head out for a day of sightseeing, stop at the first pasticceria and have our morning cappuccino and custard brioche bun or rice pudding tartlet.

That was Second breakfast. I’ll be painting that next…

Claire Gunn Marsala peaches Italy Venice 2017


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