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Dragon fruit is available for only a short time of the year and it is usually quite hard to find. Here in South Africa we didn’t grow up with them being freely available at supermarkets. I buy mine from the Oranjezicht City Farm market when I see them. Some are white and some are varying shades of fuchsia on the inside. They are similar to kiwi fruit in texture and flavour and they also have little black seeds. I combined mine with a creamy cashew smoothie base and pomegranate juice.


  • Besides being high in vitamin C, E and K they also have high levels of antioxidants.
  • Generally this helps against degenerative diseases like cancer, cholesteral damage and Alzheimer’s.
  • They stimulate good gut health and may benefit heart disease and specifically prostate cancer.
  • They have been shown to improve learning, memory and blood circulation.
  • Studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice can ease the symptoms of arthritis and joint inflammation.

pomegranates claire gunnMORE REASONS TO EAT DRAGON FRUIT

  • Dragon fruit is low in calories yet offers numerous nutrients, including vitamin C, B vitamins, phosphorus, protein and calcium.
  • It’s high in fibre and together with those little black seeds it promotes a clean system and healthy digestive processes.
  • It’s been proven to lower blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure,
  • It also strengthens bones and teeth, promotes healthy blood and tissue formation, strengthens the immune system, heals bruises and wounds faster and can help to prevent respiratory problems.
  • Like other red fruits, dragon fruit contains lycopene, which helps protect against cancer and heart disease.


1 spotty banana
1 cup almond milk (I use almond with macadamia nut milk from The Almond Creamery)
1 cup cashews, soaked for 4 hours or boiled for 10 minutes
2 tbsp chia pudding (chia seeds soaked in coconut or almond milk for an hour or more)
1/2 cup coconut cream
2 large juicy medjool dates
1 tsp natural vanilla paste
1 dragon fruit
1 pomegranate

Slice the skin off your dragon fruit and set aside. Add the rest of the ingredients except the pomegranate to a high speed blender and blend til super smooth. You can choose how to use your pomegranate. Either you can cut it up and and squeeze out the seeds and use the juice that gathers in your bowl, or you can pick the seeds and squash them through a sieve releasing the juice into a bowl, or you can add the seeds to your blender and blend until absolutely pureed although I cannot guarantee what laxative effect this may have on you, so be cautious.

Alternatively you can use 1/4 cup pomegranate juice from your health store. My pomegranate was particularly juicy so I squished out the seeds to use for garnish and a lot of juice gathered in my bowl. I used the rest on top. If you choose to add your pomegranate seeds whole then add the dragon fruit only once the smoothie is completely smooth. Blending the little black seeds in the dragon fruit for too long can potentially turn bitter. If your dragon fruit is white or a pale pink then add half a cup of raspberries to your smoothie to make it brighter. I also topped mine with activated buckwheat crunchies.

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